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Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts

Adam M. Roberts, based in Washington D.C., was named CEO of Born Free USA on February 1, 2014.  Prior, he was Executive Vice President, a role he held since helping launch the organization in 2002 to bring the UK-based Born Free Foundation's message of compassionate conservation to the American public.

Adam has significant expertise and over two decades of experience in international wildlife trade and captive wild animals, and serves on the board of directors of the Species Survival Network ( where he chairs their press and financial committees, the bear working group, and the animals in captivity working group.  SSN is dedicated to ensuring that the international wildlife trade does not cause overexploitation of animals and plants.  SNN currently includes 82 member organizations from 33 countries.

He is also a founding member of the board and current chairman of the board of Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing species-specific humane standards of care for animals held in wildlife and farm animal sanctuaries, and accrediting facilities globally based on these standards.

In 2003, Adam founded The $10 Club, a charity to fund poverty alleviation projects in developing countries. He runs the organization singlehandedly, and as a volunteer. To date, the organization has supported work in more than 50 countries and has given out a quarter of a million dollars in grant awards.

He began his animal protection career in Washington, DC in 1991. Adam has written over 50 articles for various medical, legal, scientific, and advocacy organization publications around the world.  He is a frequent lecturer/speaker at national and international conferences on issues concerning captive wild animals, compassionate conservation and the protection of all animals. 

He is interviewed regularly by the media about animal welfare and wildlife conservation issues. Among recent interviews:  CNN/HLN, Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Reuters, New York Daily News, NPR, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Big Blend Radio, and more.

He is a graduate of Vassar College, and resides in Washington D.C. with his wife, two children, two dogs, five cats and two guinea pigs.

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P.O. Box 32160,
Washington, DC

Phone: 202-337-3123


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