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Lisa Grey

Lisa Grey

Lisa Grey

When Lisa Grey was diagnosed with breast cancer, she used nutritious foods and herbs to help her attack the disease. Her goal was to do whatever she could to destroy the cancer and keep it away.


When her tumor shrank in size just a few weeks later, doctors told her that ‘sometimes these things just can’t be explained.’ But Lisa believes that the explanation is good nutrition! Since then, Lisa has had a passion for sharing simple, quick, and delicious ways to eat nutritiously…not only for breast cancer survivors, but for anyone overwhelmed with the prospect of healthy eating. Out of this passion, Pink Kitchen was born.


Lisa is Pink Kitchen’s founder, nutrition blogger and chef. In addition, Lisa has written the first three in a series of Pink Kitchen cookbooks: Pink Kitchen PESTOS, Pink Kitchen SCONES, and Pink Kitchen SOUPS – all with recipes designed to be healthy, easy, and delicious.


Pink Kitchen PESTOS is filled with 18 easy, healthy recipes for pesto. Each recipe is mouth-watering and vegan-adaptable, and Pink Kitchen gives you two great ideas for using each type of pesto – from appetizers to main courses. Plus, you'll learn how to store your pesto so you can use it for delicious low-maintenance meals in the future.


Pink Kitchen SCONES is filled with 21 simple, no-sugar-added recipes for scones. You'll find lots of classic flavors - and some that are sure to become your new favorites… including savory varieties Pink Kitchen SCONES can help you start off your day in a healthy way...or indulge in a guilt-free mid-day treat. All recipes are vegan. This book also includes 21 guilt-free beverage recipes.


Pink Kitchen SOUPS is the third cookbook in the Pink Kitchen series. With soup recipes ranging from comforting classics to exotic adventures, you'll find these soups to be anything but boring! All recipes are vegan or vegetarian. This book also includes 18 money-saving tips for cooking and eating healthy foods on a regular basis.

Pink Kitchen SALAD: 27 Sassy Recipes to Put Some Sparkle in Your Salad Bowl! There is so much more to salad than eating a boring bowl of iceberg lettuce. Pink Kitchen makes healthy eating feel like a treat - not a chore. Pink Kitchen SALADS contains 19 vibrant salad recipes and 6 zesty dressings. Plus, you'll learn how to make 2 types of vegan cheese. All recipes are vegan and gluten-free (or provide easy gluten-free options).

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