The Tandem Travelers

The Tandem Travelers

The Tandem Travelers are a traveling writing team made up of authors Maralyn D. Hill - co-author of ‘Cooking Secrets - The Why and How’ and ‘Our Love Affairs with Food & Travel’, and Maralyn's husband Norman E. Hill -author of ‘Winner and Final Chairman’.


Maralyn Dennis Hill says she was born to travel and tell the story. From flight attendant, copywriter, incentive program creator, conference planner, motivational speaker to writer, all have fed her love of travel and writing. Maralyn is on the board of the International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association. Together, Maralyn and her friend Brenda Hill have successfully written and published ‘Our Love Affairs with Food & Travel’, ‘Cooking Secrets the Why and How’, and '$uccess, Your Path to a Successful Book'.

Norman E. Hill, FSA, MAAA, CPA, author, has executive experience with conglomerates and large and small insurers. A frequent speaker and facilitator for the life and health insurance industry, Norm is well known for his articles on a broad range of insurance industry issues. Norman is the author of ‘Winner and Final Chairman’. He is also Maralyn's husband, as well as her travel and writing partner.

Norm and  Maralyn Hill, are all experts on the following Big Blend Online Magazines & Radio Shows: 'The Success Express', 'Eat, Drink & Be Merry', and 'Vacation Station'.

Learn more about their books on  or follow their travels around the world on

Articles & Interviews

Norfolk, Virginia
Jacksonville, Florida
Jackson & Teton Village, Wyoming
Québec City & Surroundings
Discovering Downtown Indianapolis
Bourbon And Horses
A Phoenix Stellar Tour
A Whirlwind Tour of Portland, Oregon
Why Tourism  Dollars Matter
Kualoa Ranch in Oahu
A Tour of Bellingham, Washington
Kingsmill Resort Offers So Much
South Dakota: A Foot in Two Camps
Eastern European Quartet of Countries
Kennebunkport Festival
2012 The Year of Alabama Food
2012 The Year of Alabama Food - Pt 2
Holland America Cruise in Caribbean -
Arizona: Vast, Vigorous & Of Course Vineyards Plus
The City of Napa
Barging In Along the French Countryside
Sitka, Alaska
Juneau, Alaska
Grapes, Gastronomy & Gold
Ketchikan, Alaska
Exploring Central Missouri
Destination Australia
IFWTWA - International Food & Wine Travel Writers Assoc.
Wine Works - Prohibition Didn’t
Two Exquisite Spas - Providenciales Island in Turks & Caicos
Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers
Lyon, Sirha & Bocuse d’Or
Turks & Caicos Islands
Life is a Clean Beach
Switzerland On Track
Copper Canyon, Mexico
French Quebec
As Maine Goes, It’s going Well
Rancho LaPuerta & Spa tips
Nova Scotia
The Lotus Spa on the Princess Sapphire
The Espa Spa at Palace Luzern, Switzerland
Park Hotel Weggis, Switzerland


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